It's All About YOU

Coaching for Authenticity and Resilience

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truely are...

- Carl Jung

Welcome to a new approach to a new you.

Using a unique blend of coaching approaches and therapeutic techniques to support people to explore who they want to be, how to get there and how to sustain their progress.

You may be feeling dissatisfied with your personal life, professional life or both.

You’re at the point where you know something has to change but don’t quite know what that is or what will help you get there. It may even be that you’ve tried a few things before; Coaching, self-help, NLP, mindfulness, counselling. These can all be helpful but the benefits you initially experienced might have been short-lived.

With a single method you can find yourself back at the beginning: feeling the same things, behaving in the same ways and thinking the same thoughts. This is frustrating, as that doubting voice tells you its probably your fault for not trying hard enough. It may even tell you that YOU are not good enough.

I want to reassure you that you most certainly are good enough.

We are all born good enough.

But sometimes the messages people give us make it hard to stay true to our authentic selves.

This causes us to be less resilient as living inauthentically is really hard work: we are living in a way we were not designed for. It’s a constant struggle to be something you’re not.

Being inauthentic drains our resilience and low resilience makes it hard to be authentic. It a cycle that makes life far harder than it needs to be. What I want for my clients is to break that cycle. I help people to remember who they truly are and to live a life that is authentic.

A life that is based on building your resilience to be who you desire to be not who or what everyone else wants you to be.

“Resilience and Authenticity are two sides of the same coin. One is not achievable without the other.”

- Tracey Hartshorn

So how do I help you to become the authentic resilient person you were born to be?

I bring the benefits of Coaching and Psychotherapy together, underpinned by a deep Values Driven Process. For those of you who like a bit of theory I use a positive coaching process based on the principles of “Appreciative Inquiry” underpinned by the therapeutic principle of “Self Actualisation”. In simple terms, with my support you will become who you were always meant to be and have the resilience to keep you there.

Each step in the process is a partnership. We build your path to authenticity and resilience together, designed to support the unique human being you are.

Are you ready to be you?